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Student Financial Resources

Fellowship and Funding Resources

One of the more common funding sources that our students apply to is the NIH NRSA F31 Predoctoral Fellowship. TIBBS has example applications on their website for students to use. BBSP has prepared this boilerplate text on RCR training for F31 applications.

Depending on their field of study, many students can also apply to the NSF GRFP for funding, and TIBBS has examples of those applications as well. Each year, TIBBS will host F31 and NSF application preparation workshops, so be sure to subscribe to their email list.

More broadly, UNC has multiple funding databases that you can search for opportunities that fit your research interests and career level.

Institutional Funding Programs

BBSP and our partner PhD programs select students and their mentors who will apply for the HHMI Gilliam Fellowships. We send out calls for applications in September of each year.

International Students

Funding opportunities for international students (who are neither US citizens nor permanent residents), can be more limited due to constraints from federal agencies. Students’ faculty mentors should be aware of these constraints when they admit international students to their lab. Here are some funding options that may be more available to international students: