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Responsible Conduct of Research (RCR) Training

RCR training for first-year graduate students is held within the FYG class setting. If you are not currently participating in the BBSP FYG class and need to make up one specific session you missed in the past, note that session order may be rearranged compared to past years so do not go by the session number but instead choose the relevant topic from below.

Fall 2020

Monday Wednesday
1. Mentor+ Mentee Responsibilities Aug 24 Aug 26
2. Peer Review Sept 14 Sept 16
3. Plagiarism & IP Nov 2 Nov 4
Spring 2021 Monday Wednesday
4. Whistleblowing & COI Feb 22 Feb 24
5. Publishing & Social Media Mar 8 Mar 10
6. Animal & Human Subjects Mar 15 Mar 17


Reading assigned materials in advance, attendance, and full participation in the discussion are required to receive credit for a session.  If you need assistance accessing readings please contact Dave McDonald ( for assistance.

Rigor & Reproducibility

More to come…