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Science Outreach

The goal of our science outreach programming is to build a bridge between our research community and local schools. Through a variety of unique, interactive educational programs, we aim to bring research principles and scientific discovery from the laboratory into the K-12 classrooms of North Carolina schools and the broader community. We provide educational resources to teachers, present scientific workshops in local classrooms, and expose students to rewarding careers in scientific research.  At the most basic level, science outreach is about providing opportunities for scientists, teachers, and students to interact and collaborate.

Science Outreach at UNC is heavily driven by our active and dynamic graduate student community! During our flagship outreach event, NC DNA Day, over 80 UNC graduate students and postdocs visit NC High Schools to share their love of science with the next generation of researchers. Getting involved in science outreach is a great way to foster your own excitement for science, to communicate promising scientific advances to the public, and to demonstrate a “broader impact” of your work that is increasingly critical to funding agencies.

Visit our Science Outreach page for more information about some of the outreach opportunities available to you as a graduate student at UNC!