BBSP students have a wide range of research opportunities available to them. The 14 participating PhD programs together comprise over 400 faculty with a variety of research interests, many of which span multiple areas. If you are interested in a specific research topic that is not in the list below, try searching our faculty database using that topic as a keyword.  UNC researchers are highly collaborative, and many publications result from cooperative work among labs. Click here to see a continuously updated graphical display of papers co-authored by BBSP labs. (Click and pull any dot to see the names in the network, or search for an individual lab by name.)

Major Research Interests of BBSP Faculty

(click on a term to see a list of BBSP faculty with research in that area)

Bacteriology Developmental Biology Neurobiology
Behavior Drug Delivery Organismal Biology
Biochemistry Drug Discovery Pathogenesis & Infection
Bioinformatics Ecology Pathology
Biomaterials Evolutionary Biology Pharmacology
Biophysics Genetics Physiology
Cancer Biology Genomics Plant Biology
Cardiovascular Biology Immunology Stem Cells
Cell Biology Metabolism Structural Biology
Cell Signaling Mineralized Tissue Systems Biology
Chemical Biology Molecular Biology Toxicology
Computational Biology Molecular Medicine Translational Medicine
Nanomedicine Virology