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Originally from: Illinois, USA 
Previous institutions: Stanford University - Chemical Engineering, Bachelor's of Science 
Research interests: Biophysics, Computational Biology, Structural Biology

“I’m interested in the intersections of structural and computational biology. Initially, I will aim to study the nuances of protein design by learning about proteins from a broader more abstract perspective.

For example a rotation with Dr. Neher, would afford the opportunity to study enzymes, their unique properties and methods for purification and characterization.

Studying with Dr. Burlow, I hope to grapple with the complexity of disordered proteins. Rotating in Dr. Kuhlman’s lab could enlighten me on the computational methods to make sense of complexity in biological molecules.

Lastly, working in Dr. Baker’s lab, I would hope to focus the majority of my effort toward membrane interacting proteins, especially those with clinical relevance such as proteins involved in antigen presentation and signal transduction of immune cells.”