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Lara van 

Originally from: Western Cape, South Africa 
Previous institutions: Harvard College, BA, Molecular & Cellular Biology, and Psychology 
Research interests: Cancer Biology, Drug Discovery, Immunology, Metabolism

“To build on my experience studying the metabolism of pancreatic islets at the Dana-Farber Cancer Institute, I am eager to continue studying cell stress and metabolism, specifically in the context of disease. As such, I am interested in cancer metabolism, and how different metabolic vulnerabilities can be exploited to target cancer cells. As part of this interest, cancer immunology also fascinates me due to its promise of specifically targeting cancer cells with the deleterious effects on other somatic cells caused by many current chemotherapeutic treatments. My experience working on drug discovery in the muscular dystrophy space at Fulcrum Therapeutics has also given me an appreciation for the value of characterizing pharmacological compounds and their mechanisms of action, especially in the context of cancer biology.”