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Originally from: New Jersey, USA 
Previous institutions: Pennsylvania State University, Bachelor of Science, Biochemistry and Molecular Biology 
Research interests: Chemical Biology, Immunology, Metabolism

“I’m interested in how metabolism can regulate major aspects of biology with a focus on immunology. Some research areas that get me excited are; how do immune cells acquire nutrients during both naive and activated stages, nutrient preference and metabolic programs of T cell subtypes and leveraging this knowledge for effective treatments during disease states such as autoimmunity, bolstering effector function of immune cells in the tumor microenvironment while hindering the metabolism of cancer. Essentially, I am very interested in having a fundamental understanding of metabolism with the ultimate goal of engineering novel therapeutic strategies for diseases such as autoimmunity and cancer. Apart from this, I am also interested in plant metabolism in the context of waste revalorization, biofuels, and sustainability!”