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Hsueh, Ming-Feng

Cell Biology & Physiology

Arthritis, Cell Biology, Gene Therapy, Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, RNA Biology, Regenerative Medicine, Translational Medicine

Dr. Hsueh’s research is at the forefront of translational musculoskeletal and aging biology, utilizing cutting-edge multi-omic technologies to pioneer new therapeutic strategies for regenerating damaged joint tissue, with a particular focus on osteoarthritis (OA). Our lab employs advanced in vitro cell culture and cartilage explant models to delve into the mechanisms driving OA pathogenesis and to evaluate the potential of novel drug therapies. A key area of our research investigates the role of noncoding RNAs in human musculoskeletal tissues. We aim to uncover the intricate signaling pathways and downstream gene networks influenced by these noncoding RNAs. Our ultimate goal is to harness this knowledge to enhance the body’s natural repair mechanisms, providing innovative solutions to combat the progression of OA and restore joint function