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Biomedical Research Programs
at ABRCMS 2023

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BBSP Application Fee Opportunities

The application fee set by the UNC Graduate School is $95. Fee waivers are available through the UNC Graduate School for domestic students only. Visit the Graduate School’s website to learn if you qualify and how to apply –

A limited number of application fee scholarships are available to cover the application fee for individuals applying to the BBSP who visit our ABRCMS booth. These scholarships are distinct from the fee waivers available via the UNC Graduate School. To be considered for a BBSP Application Fee Scholarship, you must:

  1. Be ineligible for the Graduate School’s fee waiver
  2. Speak with a BBSP representative at our ABRCMS booth (#1444)
  3. Have your badge scanned at our ABRCMS booth

Instructions for utilizing the BBSP Application Fee Scholarship will be shared with booth registrants following the ABRCMS conference. Please address questions to


About Our Programs

Click on the program name to visit each website or click on the image to view the program flyer!


BBSP is an umbrella admissions portal into 15 biomedical Ph.D. program and a first-year training program for these PhD students.

UNC PREP Postbacc

PREP equips student to gain and strengthen skills needed for entry and success in top-tiered biomedical PhD programs.


The Initiative for Maximizing Student Development provides academic, community, and professional support for UR students to succeed in PhD completion and in the biomedical workforce.


Training Initiatives in the Biomedical and Biological Sciences provides career coaching, workshops, networking events, internships, and other career development opportunities to enhance student success.

Additional Programs of Interest:

Student Identity Groups & Resources

We want students to bring their full selves to graduate school. Here are some, but not all, of the resources that students of different identities have available.

Living in the Triangle

Our area of NC has a lot to offer. We have access to both nature and big cities, and both the mountains and the beaches are just a few hours away. On the map below, you can find out more about where our students live, what they like to do, and where they like to eat. See our page on Living in the Triangle for more information.


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