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Lischinsky, Julieta

May 25, 2024

Innate social behaviors, including aggression and mating, are crucial for survival and propagation and are therefore shared across species. In the Lischinsky lab we aim to elucidate the developmental, cellular and circuit underpinnings for social behaviors and how these mechanisms … Read more

Hood Pishchany, Indriati

April 22, 2024

The Hood Pishchany lab aims to build a community of researchers, educators, and learners partnering to cultivate understanding of the vaginal microbiome from the fundamental biology of its constituent members, the interactions between these members, and their overall impacts on … Read more

Schrank, Travis

March 29, 2024

I am a surgeon-scientist specialized in head and neck cancers. My goal is to address translationalquestions with genomic data and bioinformatic methods, as well as benchtop experimentation. My clinical practice as a head and neck cancer surgeon also influences my … Read more

Yang, En

March 13, 2024

The EnYang Lab explores interdisciplinary fields to unravel the intricate workings of neural networks within the brain, focusing on how they execute computations, foster imagination, and respond to emotional states. Using larval zebrafish as an animal model, the lab observes, … Read more

Popov, Konstantin

March 13, 2024

The Popov Lab develops inventive, cutting-edge approaches to solve problems in modern computational structural biology and drug discovery. Their computational research, in collaboration with experimental screening and medicinal chemistry efforts in the Center for Integrative Chemical Biology and Drug Discovery … Read more

Chung, Kay

March 7, 2024

The Chung lab is engineering immune cells, particularly T cells, to achieve maximum therapeutic efficacy at the right place and timing. We explore the crossroads of synthetic biology, immunology, and cancer biology. Particularly, we are employing protein engineering, next-gen sequencing, … Read more

Peng, Aimin

February 27, 2024

Our overarching goal is to delineate how cells respond to cancer therapeutics that induce DNA damage, and, accordingly, to develop new strategies that overcome treatment resistance in cancer, including head and neck cancer. To achieve this goal, we study new … Read more

Cho, Rae

February 14, 2024

We study proteases that induce rapid changes in cell morphology, behavior, and identity. We are particularly interested in ones that play a role in myotube formation, muscular dystrophies, rhabdomyosarcoma, and cachexia. Our model systems include C2C12 cells, primary myoblasts, patient-derived … Read more

Chen, Jiakun

February 12, 2024

The goal of our research is to understand how astrocytes develop and how they interact with neural elements during nervous system formation, function, and maintenance. Our lab uses fruit fly Drosophila and zebrafish Danio rerio to explore fundamental aspects of … Read more

Corteselli, Elizabeth

January 22, 2024

Dr. Corteselli’s research aims to uncover the mechanisms by which exposure to air pollutants causes lung injury. Her lab uses advanced in vitro models, including lung organoids and precision cut lung slices, to investigate the effects of inhaled toxicants on … Read more