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BBSP Virtual Recruitment Visits

All times Eastern Standard Time (EST)

*Each applicant will have 4 interviews and the remaining slots will be free time. The interview times will be emailed in a personalize agenda.

Please Note: This is a draft schedule. Programming seen below may change on the final schedule.


12:30-1:30pm    BBSP Introduction Session on Zoom

1:45-2:15pm    Interview Slot*

2:30-3:00pm    Interview Slot*

3:15-3:45pm    Interview Slot*

4:00-4:30pm    Interview Slot*

4:35-5:45pm    UNC Department Chair’s Perspective on Zoom


9:00-9:30am         Interview Slot*

9:45-10:15am       Interview Slot*

10:30-11:00am     Interview Slot*

11:15-11:45am     Interview Slot*

11:45-12:15pm     Presentation on career and professional development opportunities for UNC graduate students on Zoom.

12:30-1:45pm       Program Informational Session on Zoom.

1:45-2:15pm         Interview Slot*

2:30-3:00pm         Interview Slot*

3:15-4:45pm         Student Panel and Breakout Room Session.

4:45pm                 Closing Session