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Class of 2015-16

Welcome to the Class of 2015-16, our 8th cohort of BBSP students!  Most information you will need to navigate the first year can be found on the BBSP Student Resources site (see below).  Here you can find some handy quick links to campus resources (see right hand section of this page) and once you are all here, view photos of your classmates.

Click here to download a PDF with photos of the members of BBSP Class of 2015-16.

Student Resources

For links to important forms, access to student discussion forums, rotation postings and other important information related to your first year, please visit the BBSP Student Resources SiteLog in using (where onyen = your specific onyen given to you by UNC) and your onyen password to access this site.

Novice Guide to Graduate School [pdf] This guide was developed by the graduate student members of the Professional Development Committee for the UNC Initiative for Maximizing Student Diversity (IMSD). It includes a PhD Glossary of commonly used terms and answers to Frequently Asked Questions. The guide was written by someone who knows very little about science culture and graduate school so that you can also share with your family and friends.

2015-16 First Year Groups

As a BBSP student you will be assigned to a First Year Group (FYG).  The FYG is a small, mixed interest groups of students and faculty which serves as your academic and advising home until you matriculate into a PhD program in May.

Monday 3:35-5:05pm
Lisa Tarantino: NRB 3118
Alisa Wolberg: Bondurant 2030
Ben Major: GMB 1007

Wedesday 3:35-5:05pm
Donita Robinson: NRB 3118
Chris Mack: GSB 1370
Jason Whitmire: Bondurant 2020

2015-16 Responsible Conduct of Research (Ethics Training)

RCR/Ethics training for first year graduate students is held within the FYG class setting.  If you are not currently participating in the BBSP FYG class and need to make up one specific session you missed in the past, note that for 2015-16 the order of the sessions has been rearranged somewhat compared to past years so do not go by the session number but instead choose the relevant topic from below.

Ethics 1 Mentorship + Team Science Aug 24 & 26
Ethics 2 Authorship + Peer Review + Social Bias Nov 16 & 18
Ethics 3 Conflict of Interest + Intellectual Property Nov 30 & Dec 2
Ethics 4 Misconduct + Whistleblowing + Plagiarism Dec 14 & 16
Ethics 5 Animal Research Jan 4 & 6
Ethics 6 Human Biospecimen Research Feb 22 & 24
Ethics 7 Science Policy + Look Back Mar 14 & 16

Pre-class readings and writing assignments for each Ethics Session are posted on the BBSP student SharePoint site on the Ethics page. In addition to attendance at the session, completion of the pre-class assignment is required to receive credit for a session. Submission of the written assignments are due the day before the class meets. If you do not have access to view the readings please contact Anna O’Connell at for assistance.

2015-16 Rotation Schedule

Rotation Choice forms can be downloaded here. (log in with
Faculty interested in posting a rotation ad on the BBSP student site, please visit the Rotation Opportunities Board.  (log in with

Fall:  Monday Aug 24-Friday Nov 6  (ok to start before Aug 24)
Rotation choice form due August 21
Poster session on Fall rotation: Nov 23-25

Winter: Monday Nov 9-Friday Feb 5
Rotation choice form due Oct 16
Written Report on Winter rotation due: Feb 27

NOTE: Two BBSP breaks during this rotation. 
Nov 26-27; Dec 23-Jan 1
These are suggested holidays and represent the total amount of time BBSP expects students will take out of the winter rotation.  Exact dates can be negotiated between student and PI.

Spring: Monday Feb 8-Friday Apr 22
Rotation choice form due: Jan 15 (*summer rotation students see below)
End of Year Talk on Spring Rotation: May 16-May 27

Thesis Lab Choice Forms Due: Apr 18-Apr 22
*summer rotation students joining early: due Jan 15
Thesis Lab forms can be downloaded from the Forms section of the BBSP student resources site

First Day in Thesis Lab: April 25
*summer rotation students joining early: Feb 8, start of Spring rotation