Current Students

Class of 2013-14

Welcome to the Class of 2013-14, our 6th cohort of BBSP students!  Most information you will need to navigate the first year can be found on the BBSP Student Resources site (see below).  Here you can find some handy quick links to campus resources (see right hand section of this page) and view photos of your classmates.

Click here to download a PDF with photos of all the 2013-14 BBSP students.

Student Resources

For links to important forms, access to student discussion forums, rotation postings and other important information related to your first year, please visit the BBSP Student Resources Site.  You will need to log in using your UNC Onyen and Onyen password to access this site.

Faculty interested in posting a rotation ad on the BBSP student site, please visit the Rotation Opportunities Board.  You will need to log in using your UNC Onyen and Onyen password to access this page.

2013-14 First Year Groups

As a BBSP student you will be assigned to a First Year Group (FYG).  The FYG is a small, mixed interest groups of students and faculty which serves as your academic and advising home until you matriculate into a PhD program in May.

Monday 3-4:30pm
Miriam Braunstein – Bondurant 2035
Mark Heise – Taylor 124
Donita Robinson – NRB 3118
Alisa Wolberg – Bondurant 2025
Ben Major – GMB 1007

Wedesday 3:30-5:00pm
Chris Mack – GSB 1370

2013-14 Rotation Schedule

Fall: Monday Sept 3-Tuesday Dec 3 (ok to start before Sept 3)
Rotation choice form due: August 30
Poster session on Fall rotation: Wed Dec 9-11

Winter: Thursday Jan 2-Friday March 7
Rotation choice form due: November 1
Written Report on Winter rotation due: March 21

Spring: Monday March 10- Monday May 12 [Note: the rotation extends through Spring Break]
Rotation choice form due: January 31
End of Year Talk on Spring Rotation: May 19-May 23

Thesis Lab Selection
May 5-9: THESIS LAB SELECTION PERIOD [Note: students that completed a summer rotation are eligible to select a thesis lab on Jan 25]