Interview Weekend

Domestic Applicants

If we are interested in meeting you we will invite you for an on campus interview.  Interviews are relaxed and casual/nice dress is sufficient. We will cover the cost of your travel, lodging, and most meals and will assist you in making travel arrangements. Detailed information will be sent to you along with your invitation.

We will ask you for a list of faculty whose research interests you and we will do our best to arrange for you to meet with faculty from that list. There are also ample opportunities to talk informally with current graduate students from many departments and programs.

International Applicants

It is strongly encouraged that as an international student you have your application materials submitted as early as possible. The BBSP will offer phone interviews for selected international applicants who are living outside of the continental United States. If you have been selected for a phone interview, someone from the BBSP office will contact you via email, and will ask you for a list of faculty whose research interests you. We will do our best to make arrangments for you to have the chance to speak on the phone with several of those faculty members.

*please note: if you are an international student, but currently living in the continental United States at the time of the application process, you will be considered, for interview purposes only, as a domestic applicant.